I get a lot of questions about how to join hexagons with
the join-on-the-go method.  Time for a tutorial.

Here we go.

The basic pattern for the african flower hexagon can be found
in english here >> and in swedish here >>

To use the join-on-the-go method, you need to change the middle dc on each
side of the hexagon into a chain stitch. This will give you 12 points to join
the hex’s together. One point in each of the six corner and one point
at each of the hexagons sides. You can see it in the picture above.

You will make the joining on the last row of the hexagon pattern (the dc row).
When you reach one corner you make the chain stitch around the
chain stitch in the corner of the other hexagon.

Put the hook through the “hole” at the corner, get the yarn with the
hook and pull the yarn through…

… and through the loop on the hook, to form a chain stitch around the corner.

Make 4 dc along the side, and then join again with the next chain stitch.

Make again 4 dc along the side, and again join with a chain stitch in the corner.

Tadaa! - You have now joined two hexagons together.


The join-on-the-go method can also be used for granny squares.

As a granny square has three chain stitches at each corner to make them square,
when joining at the corners you need to make one chain stitch, join with one chain stitch,
and then one chain stitch again. Don’t forget about the extra chain stitches!

Along the sides just join with one chain stitch same as with the hexagons.

This is how your finished result will look like. Neat isn’t it ?!